Garden Buddha statue is appropriate for Outdoor.

First, According to Vatsu Shastra, Install Buddha statue will give the environment clean energy, also allow you to feel more comfortable and calm while walking in the garden.

Why do you have to put Buddha statue at your garden? Buddha statue is excellent for meditation and protection. Placing Buddha statues at different places in the home can influence your psychological health and harmony.

Second, Try to place the Buddha facing east towards the sunrise or north-east direction for a good fortune.

The last, do not place your Buddha statue directly on the ground put stand or base under the statue.

First of all, to create a wonderful Buddha Statue we have a professional team and artists,

Sculptors and mold makers who are all trained to the highest standards and produce exceptional products using state of the art equipment.

If you do not find your own intent in our product list, you can also contact us, we can provide customized services and produce statues according to your own design.

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